Peace, Love, Rest, Strength

Today I felt peace. I also felt the love of God. Church has always been a place of rest for me.
Whether I talk with anyone or not, church is a sacred and personal experience that has strengthened me through the toughest of times.


Tide of Despairity

Tide of Despairity

The tide continually ebbs and flows,
Many times a surge of emotion.
The pulling back from every care,
A lack of actuation.

Peaceful as it may seem,
Sporadic flows the fickle breeze.
In truth, the darkness of a dream;
A storm corrupts and froths the seas.

Sing to me, oh, lovely morning.
The chill of night still aches my bones.
I look for man and gentle loving.
Few there are who fight my woes.

At last a lighthouse, a star on the horizon,
A glimpse of a boat at the shore.
Now I know this voyage and prison.
Alone, I won’t face this plight anymore.

-Sarah S Mitchell

The irrational emotional roller coaster of depression is what this poem is depicting. It’s about the lack of desire and motivation; a plea for help; the hearts yearning for acceptance and understanding from others; and the hope of allies to fight alongside them. At last the hope of divine help is seen, as well as the friend or the family member who have come to help. Never are you alone in this ailment.



Foggy minded, sleeping takes over me.
Barely breathing, my heart yearns to be free.

Blacked out mind, I keep having crazy dreams.
My small universe, broken at the seams.

But there’s a light, it is beckoning me.
There is hope, with help from Divinity.

He knows my heart, the ailments of my soul.
With peace and love, His presence is my goal.

-Sarah S Mitchell

Many people suffer from depression. Some suffer from circumstantial depression and others suffer from a chemical imbalance. Whatever the cause, God does understand what we are going through. He doesn’t always take away our trials for reasons beyond our understanding, but he does give us strength to withstand them. He knows we are trying and He never gives up on us.

Broken and Silenced


‘Tis the heart that breaks

When love forlorn is forgotten.

And the eye of the soul is silenced

By the beat of pride, disgraced.

-Sarah S Mitchell

This poem was created for the abused and the divorced. It’s about how kindness is lost in pride; Love lost in thoughtlessness; And an individual silenced through selfishness.

Noble Insecurity


A delicate flower few have loved.
Many times wilted by an uncaring touch or word.
Yet, without fail, has sprung into full bloom.

Bitterness grew into Love.
Pain developed into Strength.
Hate bloomed into Forgiveness.
And Sorrow bore Compassion.

She has been watered by her own tears.
The light of her kindness has gifted her sustenance.
A rare and beautiful flower, indeed.

-Sarah S Mitchell

This poem is about someone very dear to me. She has taught me the spirit of turning negative emotions into positive strengths. I am truly grateful for the hardships she has born and the good person she has chosen to become. She chose kindness over revenge and taught me the value of being a good person.

I am the writer


Reading is my favorite pastime. It has one setback though and that is: every story concludes when the author determines it is finished. And many times I am not fully satisfied.

This is why I love to write. With writing the creative world is mine to grasp and it is limitless. I have the power to direct words towards any path of my choosing. If they leave or where they go on that path, I decide.

With every twist and turn, each plot curve and set back, I am the master of my universe. I am the creator of my imagination. I am the writer.

And when I am satisfied, that is when the story is finished.

-Sarah S Mitchell