Bookworm Wordworm

There is a certain magnetism to words.

Since infancy we have heard, seen, and felt words. They are the way we communicate our thoughts, our feelings, and our ideas.

Words can be interpreted in so many ways depending on a person’s experiences and perspective. For an author to convey what they see, it takes great effort and prowess. It takes time, patience, and lengthy consideration.

People love reading what pulls them into a new idea, world or perspective. Anything worth reading draws them into a swirling orchestration of words. Maybe it tugs on their heart strings. Possibly they bask in contentment. Some words may fire up their desire to improve. And sometimes they are seething with anger or falling madly in love.

Words send out their essence. They beckon to us. “Come, taste of this knowledge;” “Experience a new adventure;” “Open your heart;” “Consider this unique idea.”

We love it. We live for it. We want to understand. We want to be understood.

Hence, the magnetism of words.

-Sarah S Mitchell


I am the writer


Reading is my favorite pastime. It has one setback though and that is: every story concludes when the author determines it is finished. And many times I am not fully satisfied.

This is why I love to write. With writing the creative world is mine to grasp and it is limitless. I have the power to direct words towards any path of my choosing. If they leave or where they go on that path, I decide.

With every twist and turn, each plot curve and set back, I am the master of my universe. I am the creator of my imagination. I am the writer.

And when I am satisfied, that is when the story is finished.

-Sarah S Mitchell