It is What it is

People want to lable me fragile or strong.
It really doesn’t matter
But They are both wrong.
It’s not just one thing that I feel every day;
It’s Hope and it’s sorrow
Its needing to pray.
It’s my heart that is suffering,
enduring and alive.
It’s deep down emotion,
and my will to survive.
Some name that strength, some name it fragility.
If they would asked me
I wouldn’t name it…


Time seems to be slipping away.
Dark pools of resonance
Flowing with echoes of truth,
lost and afraid.
The path before has lost the glow of predawn light;
An eclipsed sorrow of the dark.
A tear, a tear, a damaging care.
Life of peril, the gentle rot, things forgot
And faces dimmed.
Nonsenses of the heart.
It’s dark. It’s dark.
My heart, my heart,
Oh, my bleeding heart.

– Sarah Mitchell


ShineSometimes you want to shine where you are.

Not because you’re placed on a pedestal,

But because of who you are.

-Sarah S Mitchell

I was thinking about famous people the other day. You know the genuine good celebrities. They are constantly in the spotlight and placed on a pedestal in people’s minds. I wrote this poem for them, thinking this is how they must feel at times. For their career I’m sure they love the attention. But like any person they aren’t always immersed in their career. They go home and live a normal life. Except for celebrities. They can’t go anywhere in public without being recognized. Maybe they want to be who they are, where they are, without being categorized into their celebrity status.

Love and Light


To live an existence without knowing the other
causes the heart to dim.

For the glow of our love magnifies our passion
to live, to love, and to serve another.

The misery of time was hard to bear alone,
yet stronger and brighter we became.

Until together we came to shine
and our hearts acted as one.

Each dark burden we bear,
it is now Together.

Each bright joy we experience,
it is in unity.

Now our lives are aglow for forever,
Never to be dimmed or undone.

-Sarah S. Mitchell

Depending on what you are feeling this poem can be about the enlightenment of love or the enlightenment of truth/knowledge. It’s about the power of truth and the power of true love. It’s about an eternal marriage that is forever or the fact that no one can take away from you truth/knowledge, ever. It’s about uplifting and supporting another human being in any type of relationship and reaching out to help bear another’s burden.

Tide of Despairity

Tide of Despairity

The tide continually ebbs and flows,
Many times a surge of emotion.
The pulling back from every care,
A lack of actuation.

Peaceful as it may seem,
Sporadic flows the fickle breeze.
In truth, the darkness of a dream;
A storm corrupts and froths the seas.

Sing to me, oh, lovely morning.
The chill of night still aches my bones.
I look for man and gentle loving.
Few there are who fight my woes.

At last a lighthouse, a star on the horizon,
A glimpse of a boat at the shore.
Now I know this voyage and prison.
Alone, I won’t face this plight anymore.

-Sarah S Mitchell

The irrational emotional roller coaster of depression is what this poem is depicting. It’s about the lack of desire and motivation; a plea for help; the hearts yearning for acceptance and understanding from others; and the hope of allies to fight alongside them. At last the hope of divine help is seen, as well as the friend or the family member who have come to help. Never are you alone in this ailment.



Foggy minded, sleeping takes over me.
Barely breathing, my heart yearns to be free.

Blacked out mind, I keep having crazy dreams.
My small universe, broken at the seams.

But there’s a light, it is beckoning me.
There is hope, with help from Divinity.

He knows my heart, the ailments of my soul.
With peace and love, His presence is my goal.

-Sarah S Mitchell

Many people suffer from depression. Some suffer from circumstantial depression and others suffer from a chemical imbalance. Whatever the cause, God does understand what we are going through. He doesn’t always take away our trials for reasons beyond our understanding, but he does give us strength to withstand them. He knows we are trying and He never gives up on us.

Broken and Silenced


‘Tis the heart that breaks

When love forlorn is forgotten.

And the eye of the soul is silenced

By the beat of pride, disgraced.

-Sarah S Mitchell

This poem was created for the abused and the divorced. It’s about how kindness is lost in pride; Love lost in thoughtlessness; And an individual silenced through selfishness.

Noble Insecurity


A delicate flower few have loved.
Many times wilted by an uncaring touch or word.
Yet, without fail, has sprung into full bloom.

Bitterness grew into Love.
Pain developed into Strength.
Hate bloomed into Forgiveness.
And Sorrow bore Compassion.

She has been watered by her own tears.
The light of her kindness has gifted her sustenance.
A rare and beautiful flower, indeed.

-Sarah S Mitchell

This poem is about someone very dear to me. She has taught me the spirit of turning negative emotions into positive strengths. I am truly grateful for the hardships she has born and the good person she has chosen to become. She chose kindness over revenge and taught me the value of being a good person.