Progress and the Update

Alright it has been a while, but I have some good news!!! I have completed my first draft of Book 1. I have had some ideas for the title, but haven’t decided if I like any.So much of the story has changed since I have started writing it. I feel like I have written more than just one draft. I guess that is the process, for me at least, of writing a book.

This will be an Epic Fantasy. Epic fantasy is where you build your own world. Conflict between good and great evil will be seen throughout the story, a conflict that effects the worlds. A lot will go into defeating the evil and at the end of the story (in my case the trilogy) there will be a significant change seen in the world of the book.
A basic example of Epic Fantasy is: Lord of the Rings

Goal: To be a published author in 2017
Books 1,2,3-Outlines: 100%
Character Sketching: 100%
Book 1-Draft: 100%
Book 1-Draft*2*: 10%


Update of the Progress

I plan on being done with my 1st draft in 2 months. When I say first draft I mean extremely rough draft. It is really choppy and has a lot of rambling. The rambling is like a character sketch of the scene. I write down everything I want to be known and felt and seen in the scene. I also write out the feel I want the reader to get about the characters and what information about the main plot I want the reader to get from the chapter.

It’s been a lot of fun. I have been writing it in chapters. Some days I am more motivated than others, but have remained fairly consistent in my writing. I have written 14 chapters.

My most favorite thing of all is that I have FINALLY figured out the ending of my series!! It took a while, but I found the puzzle piece that fits! Yay! 😀

Book 1&2-Outline: 100%
Book 3-Outline: 90%
Book 1-Draft: 30%
Character Sketching: 50%

Progress Update

There are two sisters in these books. And dragons, but not quite like you would expect. I chose to have older characters. I wanted them to be past the teenager stage and into the young adult stage; they are still figuring out life, but with more confidence.

Book 1&2-Outline: 100%
Book 3-Outline: 51%
Book 1-Draft: 12%
Character Sketching: 50%

I’m really excited to finish book 1!

An Idea of What’s Stewing on the Brain

I am working on a fantasy trilogy. The trilogy is based more towards adults in their twenties. There will be some real issues in the story such as broken marriages, learning to forgive, and taking on responsibilities not sought after. But the main plot involves a world of fantasy. There will be magic, mystical creatures, and curses. There will be heroes and villains. And  there will be kindness, love, and imperfect people.

Book 1-Outline: 100%
Book 2-Ouline: 100%
Book 3-Outline: 50%
Book 1-Draft: 10% complete
Character Sketching: 30%