Progress and the Update

Alright it has been a while, but I have some good news!!! I have completed my first draft of Book 1. I have had some ideas for the title, but haven’t decided if I like any.So much of the story has changed since I have started writing it. I feel like I have written more than just one draft. I guess that is the process, for me at least, of writing a book.

This will be an Epic Fantasy. Epic fantasy is where you build your own world. Conflict between good and great evil will be seen throughout the story, a conflict that effects the worlds. A lot will go into defeating the evil and at the end of the story (in my case the trilogy) there will be a significant change seen in the world of the book.
A basic example of Epic Fantasy is: Lord of the Rings

Goal: To be a published author in 2017
Books 1,2,3-Outlines: 100%
Character Sketching: 100%
Book 1-Draft: 100%
Book 1-Draft*2*: 10%



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