It is What it is

People want to lable me fragile or strong.
It really doesn’t matter
But They are both wrong.
It’s not just one thing that I feel every day;
It’s Hope and it’s sorrow
Its needing to pray.
It’s my heart that is suffering,
enduring and alive.
It’s deep down emotion,
and my will to survive.
Some name that strength, some name it fragility.
If they would asked me
I wouldn’t name it…


Time seems to be slipping away.
Dark pools of resonance
Flowing with echoes of truth,
lost and afraid.
The path before has lost the glow of predawn light;
An eclipsed sorrow of the dark.
A tear, a tear, a damaging care.
Life of peril, the gentle rot, things forgot
And faces dimmed.
Nonsenses of the heart.
It’s dark. It’s dark.
My heart, my heart,
Oh, my bleeding heart.

– Sarah Mitchell