Update of the Progress

I plan on being done with my 1st draft in 2 months. When I say first draft I mean extremely rough draft. It is really choppy and has a lot of rambling. The rambling is like a character sketch of the scene. I write down everything I want to be known and felt and seen in the scene. I also write out the feel I want the reader to get about the characters and what information about the main plot I want the reader to get from the chapter.

It’s been a lot of fun. I have been writing it in chapters. Some days I am more motivated than others, but have remained fairly consistent in my writing. I have written 14 chapters.

My most favorite thing of all is that I have FINALLY figured out the ending of my series!! It took a while, but I found the puzzle piece that fits! Yay! 😀

Book 1&2-Outline: 100%
Book 3-Outline: 90%
Book 1-Draft: 30%
Character Sketching: 50%


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