Your Biggest Hero

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Although many people help you get through your life, I think it’s important to point out who your biggest hero is. And that is You!

Think about it. When you had no motivation to get out of bed, who made you get out of bed? You. You made the choice to get up, drag your feet, and start brushing your teeth. Even if your mom or spouse literally pulled you out of bed, you could have remained immovable and on the floor. Yet, you got up. You made yourself eat food, even though food had lost it’s savor. You took a shower, even though the idea of it caused you anxiety. You chose to go to work, or care for your children, while knowing the great stresses you’d face throughout the day. You made the choice to remember your responsibilities and to do the best that you could.

And you are the one who called on God for help. You are the one who went in to talk with a therapist. Despite social prejudices you started taking medication to better function in your day to day life. It was your choice. Your choice to use the tools given you to seek help and live a less stressful and angst ridden existence. Others may have encouraged or pushed you, but you are the one that had the final say so.

What a beautiful person you are. What strength you have.
How proud we are of you!

You are a Hero.

-Sarah S Mitchell


Grapefruit for the Soul

The other day due to many variables I had a terrible really bad day. Lots of little things that normally wouldn’t have bothered me this day did so and more. After nannying I came home, flopped face first onto my bed, and cried. I kept saying to myself over and over, “I give up. I give up. I give up.” I continued this mantra for a while. (Let me add in here: I did not want to kill myself. I don’t have thoughts like that. I just didn’t want to move or do anything or try.) I sat there for several minutes. My mom wanted to know what was wrong and I could not tell her. I didn’t even want to try. I just shook my head and was mute for about an hour.

In that dark hour I called out to my God. I begged Him to help me, to bring back the joy in my life. It was a very personal and simple prayer.

I then got up and ate a grapefruit. Surprisingly that had a soul lifting effect on me. Eating that grapefruit made me feel happy. I had made the choice to enjoy it.

In reality I had NOT given up. I just reached the point of ‘after all you can do.’ Because prayer is the final thing you can do after doing everything else. If you can still pray you have not given up.

After happily eating my sweet grapefruit I could smile again. I started laughing with my mom and I did some tasks I had been meaning to do.

Later as I was talking with my mom, I said, “suddenly I have so much energy and I feel so happy!” That was when I realized God answered my prayer. I thanked Him immediately. God always answers our prayers. They just aren’t always answered in such a crisp manner. This day there was a night and day difference. I ate that Grapefruit and Bam! I felt good again! What a miracle! Thank you Heavenly Father. I am so glad we have a Father in Heaven who loves us.

-Sarah S Mitchell