Uniquely Beautiful

yellow floras

A lot of women seek after beauty. And for some reason if they don’t feel ‘beautiful’ their confidence is lost in a chaotic spiral of despair. If someone doesn’t like you because you are not ‘beautiful’ then they are missing out on a new adventure. And that is getting to know You; Your quirks; Your uniqueness; Your individuality; The things that make you tick or feel insecure; The things that make you, You.

The most beautiful masterpieces are the ones that inspire and create deep heartfelt emotions whether there are sharp contrasts or soft edges, they inspire in their own unique way. Yet, each are equally loved. Think about the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, and Cloudgate Sculpture (Bean in Chicago).

Their absence in life would  be noticed because they are loved for what they give others. The Bean makes me smile, the Mona Lisa makes me curious, and Starry Night inspires my dreams.

You can learn so much by loving someone, getting to know them, and being kind. Really beauty is how you bring a smile to another’s face, the hug you give to someone in need of comfort, and the gift of a smile that you give to a stranger. It’s looking outside yourself, and the courage it takes to do so, that helps you see your beauty.

Then you will see what truly is beautiful.

-Sarah S Mitchell


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