Love and Light


To live an existence without knowing the other
causes the heart to dim.

For the glow of our love magnifies our passion
to live, to love, and to serve another.

The misery of time was hard to bear alone,
yet stronger and brighter we became.

Until together we came to shine
and our hearts acted as one.

Each dark burden we bear,
it is now Together.

Each bright joy we experience,
it is in unity.

Now our lives are aglow for forever,
Never to be dimmed or undone.

-Sarah S. Mitchell

Depending on what you are feeling this poem can be about the enlightenment of love or the enlightenment of truth/knowledge. It’s about the power of truth and the power of true love. It’s about an eternal marriage that is forever or the fact that no one can take away from you truth/knowledge, ever. It’s about uplifting and supporting another human being in any type of relationship and reaching out to help bear another’s burden.


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